Coming to St-Lambert? Here you will find useful information for your visit at the club. Playing time, rain policy and dress code. For any other information, please contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you.

Dress Code

Everyone on the Club’s property must be appropriately dressed. Unless designed to be worn outside, vests, blouses and shirts must be worn inside pants, shorts or skirts.

For Women
Skirts, skorts, dresses and shorts must cover at least half the thigh.

For Men
Pants, long shorts (covering at least 2/3 of the thigh minimum).

Clothing Not Permitted
Tubular bustiers, camisoles, T-Shirts with low necklines, athletics shorts, denim or camouflage clothing, exercise pants or vests.

Golf shoes with metal spikes.

Headgear may not be worn in the reception hall nor worn backward outside the clubhouse.

Playing time policy

For the vast majority of golfers, a round of golf is above all pleasant and relaxing. At the same time, concentrating on your shots does not mean that you may take all the time in the world. You have to be efficient on the course, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player. There are many ways to play to your own satisfaction without wasting time. Here they are:

  • The time for a round of 9 holes is 2h. You must not fall behind the group in front of you nor make the group behind you wait.You must report to the starter 15 minutes before tee-off time and go off on time.
  • When it’s your turn, be ready to play. Get ready while your partners are playing, so that when your turn comes you will take less time. On the green, while the first player is studying his line, do the same and you will take even less time when it’s your turn. Everywhere on the course, only one practice swing is allowed.
  • When all your group have played a shot, go immediately to your ball. Between shots, walk briskly; this will improve your physical condition as well as encouraging your partners to move at the same pace. Keep an eye on your partners’ shots and go directly to find a lost ball. (Choose a marker, a tree for example, and keep your eye on it.) A maximum of 10 shots is allowed per hole; after that pick up your ball. You are allowed two (2) minutes to find a lost ball. Near the green, always leave your cart ready to go to the next hole. Scores should be entered at the next tee and not near the green you have just played. Follow the marshal’s orders – on the course, he is in charge. His job, among other things, is to ensure that your group keeps up with the one ahead. TO AVOID BEING SLOW, ALWAYS KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP AHEAD AND DON’T THINK OF THE ONE BEHIND, WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN SEE THEM. Please note the colour of the flag on the marshal’s cart.

Rain Policy

If it starts to rain before you have finished the first 3 holes, we will give you a signed rain check for a round of nine (9) holes. However, if you have played more than 3 holes no ticket will be issued.

You must come to the Pro Shop to get your “rain check ticket”.

You must keep and present your “rain check ticket” on your next visit.