Inaugurated in 1931, the St.Lambert Golf Club had Bill Boothman as a professional until 1939. The first Clubhouse was located on L’Espérance Street and the canteen was operated by Fred Wright and his family.

During the second world war, the Clubhouse was moved to a new location right next to the lawn bowling club. It was run by concessionaires of which the most famous was Bessy Reeves who did a superb job and was well and still is well thought of by everyone.

The first president was Doc Rellis. Then, in 1964, Marcel Lalonde had the first pro shop on a small corner of the verandah of the old Clubhouse then known as the ‘shack’.

The new Clubhouse was constructed in 1969. The land and building owned by the City of St.Lambert from whom they rent. The whole course in now on this side of the tracks. In 1931 the first tee was on L’Espérance then the 9th green was where the arena is today and part of the course was located on Oak Street.